Having been a smoker for over 30 years, I’ve been astonished to see the average price of cigarettes soar to over £10 a pack. That means that smoking 20-30 a day now costs, on average, a whopping £5,475  year. 

On top of this, my wife smoked roughly 10 cigarettes a day. That’s another £1,825 a year, which all added up to a total of £7,300 a year. 

I thought: “I’ve had enough of this. That’s the price of a new car or an amazing holiday, so it’s time to quit!”

My better half has a tad more self-discipline. She has gone cold turkey (for the moment at least). However, I could never do this. Therefore, I looked into this vaping trend. Everyone seems to be doing it. Why not give it a try? 

How does it work? I immediately hit google and was presented with the good, the bad and the ugly. The starting point is that smoking kills you. What is not true is that vaping will do the same thing, but only because it’s new, and there is no long-term data available yet to get to the truth one way or the other. It’s possible to go into all the technical details, but, in the final analysis, all you are doing is vaping water. That has to be better than carcinogenic chemicals. 

When choosing to vape, your first step is to make your mind up that you WANT to give up smoking. It’s no good vaping and smoking. 

My starting point was a one minute walk from the office. Rob, who owns SteamPunk, ran me through the options and cost. A starter kit comes to approximately £30, then you have what is called the juice, the stuff you vape. For just thirty quid, you are up and running. 

At first, it’s weird and takes some getting used to. You might cough a bit, but this can be adjusted, as Rob demonstrated. The big question is how much nicotine you put into the juice. You can go from the minimum 3mg to crazy levels such as 18mg. I tried 18mg, and it gave me terrible head rushes. Within hours, I had decreased it to 3mg, the lowest possible, and I seem to be getting on fine with this. 

The juice costs between £10 and £12 a bottle, which lasts around 10 to 12 days, depending on how much you vape. Then, you have to change the coil on average once a week, which costs about £3.00. It’s far cheaper than smoking. I have worked out that, over a year, it will cost me around £650.

Will I get hooked on vaping? Honestly, I cannot answer this at this stage. With me, it’s more the habit of having something to do with my hands that mimics smoking. 

But will I be able to give the vape up? Only time will tell. 

Before you even think of not vaping, you have to get down to zero nicotine. Once you are at that stage, it’s doubtful that you actually need to vape. 

In conclusion, I’d point out that millions are now vaping, and it has become a huge market across the world. Millions have given up by vaping, and further millions are currently using this method to beat their cravings for the killer weed.

Colin Clarke
Author: Colin Clarke