The baby daughter of favourite circus performer, Peppi the clown, has just celebrated her first birthday. Baby Hanna was born to circus performer, Miss Zsofia, and her husband, Peppi the clown, at St Mary’s Hospital on August 17, 2018. 

Peppi (real name Gabor), who hails from Hungary,  first joined Jay Millers circus back in 1996 as an aerial artiste. However, when Jay Millers clown left the circus, Peppi took over, quickly discovering he was a ‘natural’ in the role of clown. The circus describes Peppi as “the longest, loyal member of our team and multi-talented”. He is also seemingly less of a clown in real life, as he works part time as the circus handyman: if there’s something broken, he will endeavour to fix it! 

Peppi claims to have learnt his self taught talents on YouTube. And he reveals an unusual hobby: going carp fishing at night. 

Peppi says the most difficult thing about being a clown is having to be happy the whole time. He says: “when anything bad happens, I still have to be happy.”

Jay Millers circus has now been coming for the Island for 25 years.This means that a generation of Island children has grown up with Peppi the clown as their hero. Peppi says: “Recently a 14-year-old came up to me to say he’d seen me every year since the age of one.”

Meanwhile, baby Hanna’s mother, Miss Zsofia also performs with Jay Millers circus, doing juggling, acrobatics and high wire acts. She learnt her skills at a circus school back home in her native Hungary. Zsofia says of 2018, the year she gave birth to her first child: “Last year went so fast. I started the year by marrying the love of my life, Gabor, and then later in the season, gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Hanna, whilst on tour.”

Zsofia says of her family: “I’ve learned…that it’s not what I have in my life, but who I have in my life that counts.”

Miss Zsofia worked at the circus right up to the birth (but not performing potentially dangerous stunts). She was delighted to receive a great many presents from Island residents after the birth: knitted jumpers, blankets and small personal gifts. She described the hospital staff at St Mary’s who helped deliver the baby as “fantastic”.

Zsofia says that she loves the UK, although she returns to her native Hungary every year for the winter. She believes that she is lucky working in a circus as there is never any shortage of babysitters. Circus children have to frequently change schools as they change their location while on tour. However, she believes that: “If children really want to learn, then they can learn anywhere.”

Fortunately, Hanna has been a very healthy baby. She is now beginning to take her first few tentative steps and speaking her first words. Her parents hope their child will grow up to be fluent in both English and their native Hungarian.

Zsofia describes her daughter as: “a people watcher. She’s a beautiful girl, just perfect for me.”

Peppi said: “My daughter is amazing. She has brought new life into our relationship.”

Colin Clarke
Author: Colin Clarke