Honda have done it again! The Honda CB650R Neo Sport Café (649 cc liquid cooled in-line four cylinder ) is a bike of beauty. It ticks all the boxes with its Angel headlight, its short tail, and the shape of the tank and engine make this bike a working piece of art.

The power and torque have improved immensely, the kerb weight has also been reduced slightly, making it a bit easier to manoeuvre around corners. Honda have also added traction control to this model which can be deactivated at the flick of a button, and best of all it revs up to 11,500 revs effortlessly.

By riding economically the bike does 75-80 MPG but of course riding it more towards the limits you’ll get around 25-35 MPG. The bike features a full LED lighting system with the headlight, full beam headlight, all four indicators, tail light and brake light. The front two indicators permanently stay on when riding, giving you extra visibility to other road users.

The standard exhaust system is one of the best ever heard. It may also be an idea to put a tail tidy on it as the standard tail looks absolutely hideous!

A compact “stacked” gearbox (six-speed transmission) manages the ratios with a new slipper-type clutch that provides some anti wheel-hop protection and delivers a lighter pull weight at the clutch lever. A final layer of safety net can be found in the engine-control electronics, specifically the switchable Honda Selectable Torque Control feature that comes on the ABS-equipped model only.

Overall, you definitely get your money’s worth and a bit more with this bike. Take it for a test ride!

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Colin Clarke
Author: Colin Clarke