Lasting Powers of Attorney for financial affairs and health and welfare are powerful documents that enable your attorneys to do many things on your behalf. These include managing your finances and property, making decisions about where you live and what kind of healthcare you receive.

However, they can only be used in circumstances where you either cannot make decisions for yourself anymore or, with regards to your finances, because you have asked the attorney to do something on your behalf. They don’t stop you from dealing with your own finances or making your own decisions.


Your attorney must always act in your best interests, and there are serious legal repercussions if they do not. If you are capable of making your own decisions regarding your affairs and you want to, then only you can make them.

You must choose your attorneys carefully. They will be people that you trust and who will know what kinds of choices you would make for yourself. Ideally they should also be people who can communicate well with your extended family.

So the answer is no, you don’t lose control over your affairs. Your attorneys are simply there to support you as you direct them to. Having Lasting Powers of Attorney in place gives you and your family peace of mind, knowing that if you need support in the future they are legally enabled to do so.

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Colin Clarke
Author: Colin Clarke